Youth Basketball Coaching Drills & Games 

Energize your practices with high-energy basketball coaching drills for kids. Cover all the fundamental skills with drills and games that can be modified for players of all skill levels.

basketball coaching drills

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If some of the drills seem too complex, modify them so they're more developmentally appropriate. Try adjusting shooting distances, time limits, number of participants, etc.

Likewise, if some seem a little young for your older kids, modify them as well to raise the level of difficulty or make them more age-appropriate for your group.

Youth Basketball Coaching Drills
15 Youth basketball practice drills

Fundamental Skills 

Basketball Drills

Shooting, basketball moves

Shooting, passing, rebounding

Live offense vs defense 

Basketball is a complex game that requires a variety of fundamental skills.

During a basketball game, players continuously transition from offense to defense. For kids to become well-rounded players they need to develop their skills on both sides of the ball. 

Offensively, they must learn to move with and without the ball. And defensively, they need the skills to keep their opponent from scoring. 

The basketball practice drills below cover all the skills players need. Find drills for individual and team workouts, focus on specific skills, or select drills that combine multiple skills together in controlled game-like situations.

Youth Basketball Coaching Drills
More basketball drills with specific skill focus

Fundamental Skills

Shooting drills 

Points of Emphasis

Form shooting, warmup drills, competitive shooting games

Stationary drills and ball-handling routines, dynamic drills, 1- & 2-ball drills, individual and team drills, competitive dribbling games

Individual, partner, and team drills

Breakdown drills, live offense vs. defense drills, competitive games

Individual and partner passing drills

Recommended basketball training equipment

Youth Basketball Coaching Drills
Free basketball drills to improve fitness

Physical fitness is an important part of the game and, as players hit their early teens, it's a good time to include some strength and conditioning drills in their training regimen.

I've seen many players at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level whose game is negatively affected because they're in poor shape.

It's impossible to concentrate on doing the little things right when players are struggling just to breathe. And when the body isn't able to efficiently deliver the oxygen that working muscles need, it's impossible to perform skills at the highest level.

Basketball is a game of quick starts, stops, and changes in direction, so players will benefit from speed and footwork drills as well.

The following drills are perfect individual, partner, or team workouts: 

Agility drills

Speed drills

Jump higher drills

Strength training drills

Recommended basketball conditioning equipment

Free training videos with more youth basketball drills to elevate your game!

Basketball team building games for kids

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