14 Basketball Rebounding Drills

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Here's a list of good basketball rebounding drills to add to your youth basketball training routine.

Find your favorites and learn how to dominate the boards no matter how big you are!

These rebounding drills are perfect for 1-3 people, and they can easily be modified for more than 3 players.

If you're looking for rebounding drills appropriate for kindergarten basketball players, start at the beginning of the list and work your way down.

And don't be afraid to modify any basketball drills as needed.

Remember: It's important in youth basketball training to modify as necessary to make sure your young players experience success.

Simplify any drill when necessary. Beginner basketball players may not be prepared to rebound against a defender at first. Take the defender out, or else you can play "dummy" defense on them.

They may have trouble catching the ball off the backboard. You might want to start with a softer ball until they have confidence catching the basketball.

basketball rebounding drills
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You can also make the drills more challenging by turning them into live game situations. Modify the drills by following every rebound with a shot, a 1-on-1 game, a basketball move, or a trip down the court for some good basketball conditioning.

The first step to becoming a great rebounder is to learn some basic rebounding tips. Once you know HOW to get your body off the floor, you can put your technique into practice with some good game-like rebounding drills.

Youth Basketball Rebounding Drills

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Basketball Rebounding Drills #1
High "5s"

  • This is a repetitive jumping drill.
  • Start with 1 set of 10 jumps and work your way up to 3 sets.
  • Start in a good basketball rebounding stance and jump up with both feet as high as possible.
  • Extend both arms high into the air and imagine slapping both hands against the backboard giving it a
  • "high 5" with each hand.
  • Land under control and on balance. Once you land, bend and jump again until you have completed 10 jumps in a row.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #2
Chase It Down

  • This drill teaches players to have the instinct it takes to move their feet to chase down a rebound.
  • Partner rolls or bounces the ball to your left or right.
  • It should be out of reach, so you have to move your feet to get to it.
  • Move quickly so you are able to get your body behind the ball, catch it with both hands, and pass it back to your partner.
  • Repeat 3-5 times and then swap with your partner.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #3
Jump & Grab

  • Hold a ball up high out of the rebounder's reach. If you aren't tall enough to hold the ball out of reach, you can stand on a chair or toss it up.
  • The rebounder jumps as high as he can, grabs the ball, and brings it under his chin with his elbows out.
  • Do it 5 times and switch with your partner.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #4
Backboard Rebounding

  • Start in a balanced stance about 8 feet in front of the backboard on the right side of the rim.
  • Make a 2-handed chest pass high off the backboard.
  • Rebound the ball with 2 hands and land with good balance.
  • Protect the ball above your forehead like you are going back up with the shot, or bring it under your chin with your elbows out.

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Basketball Rebounding Drills #5
Rebounding Progression

  • This is a good drill for an athlete who is able to chase down a ball.
  • Each step in this progression adds another skill.
  • Rebounder stands facing the basket a couple feet away in a good rebounding stance.
  • Partner tosses the ball up high off the backboard.

#1 - Rebounder jumps to get the ball at the peak of her jump, tucks it under her chin, and lands on 2 feet.

#2 - After the thrower tosses the ball, she should run out to the wing on ball side. When the rebounder comes down with the ball, she pivots to the outside and throws an outlet pass to her partner on the wing.

#3 - Have a 3rd player stand next to the rebounder to apply pressure while she tries to make the outlet pass. If you only have 2 people, use some kind of target out on the wing to pass to instead of a player.

#4 - Player stills adds pressure to the rebounder. This time, the rebounder dribbles out to the wing instead of passing. DO NOT turn toward the middle or dribble up the middle of the court.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #6
Wall Toss

  • You can do this one by yourself or with a partner.
  • Stand 5-10 feet in front of a wall and toss the ball high off the wall so you have to jump to get it.
  • Throw it to the right or left and chase it down.
  • Have a partner stand behind you while you face the wall.
  • He throws it high off the wall without you seeing where it will go.
  • You have to react and chase it down.
  • Try to catch every ball with your feet in the air.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #7
Blockout & Go

  • Shooter has the ball in the middle of the free throw line, and rebounder plays defense on the shooter.
  • The shooter shoots, rebounder calls, "Shot!" turns to block out the shooter and then goes for the rebound.
  • When rebounder gets the ball he can either shoot it back up, pass to the outlet, or dribble up the side.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #8
Rebound Ball

  • You need 3 players for this one.
  • 2 rebounders stand in front of the basket, while a shooter stands within shooting range in front of the free throw line.
  • The shooter shoots the ball, and both rebounders go after the ball.
  • The game continues until one of the rebounders gets 3 rebounds.
  • The winner becomes the next shooter or you can just rotate positions.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #9
Annie Over

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  • Player #1 has the ball and stands on the right block facing the basket. Player #2 stands on the left block.
  • Player #1 tosses the ball up off the backboard so it goes over the rim and rebounds on Player #2's side.
  • Player #2 jumps up, rebounds the ball and, while still in the air, throws it back off the backboard to the other side to Player #1.
  • Player #1 jumps up, rebounds the ball and, while still in the air, throws it back over to Player #2.
  • Continue for about a minute or see how many you can get in a row.
  • Younger players will need to land on the floor first before throwing it back over.
  • For really young players, modify the drill and have a coach do the tossing so the players can work on jumping up for the rebound.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #10
Offensive Rebounding vs Pressure

  • Player #1 has the ball and stands on the free throw line to the right of the basket. (Younger players may have to move in closer.)
  • Player #2 stands directly behind Player #1.
  • Player #1 throws the ball underhanded off the right side of the backboard.
  • Player #1 gets the rebound, lands, and keeps the ball under her chin or above the head to go up for a shot.
  • Player #2 puts pressure on Player #1 while she tries to score by bumping or pushing her.
  • After a couple rebounds, switch with your partner.
  • Then go to the other side of the basket.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #11
Going Up Strong

  • Player #1 has the ball and stands in the lane on the right side.
  • Player #2 stands in front of Player #1, facing him.
  • Player #1 tosses the ball high off the backboard, rebounds the ball, and tries to take it back up to score.
  • Player #2 plays dummy defense by putting arms straight up in the air to block the shot.
  • Play continues until Player #1 scores or until Player #2 stops him.
  • Players exchange positions, and play continues until someone scores 3 baskets.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #12

Superman Fathead
  • Start above the right block, facing the basket.
  • Make a strong 2-handed chest pass high off the backboard.
  • Aim at the top opposite corner of the backboard.
  • You should pass the ball so that it rebounds above the block on the left side of the basket.
  • Hustle to rebound the ball with both hands and land with good balance.
  • Toss it back over and repeat.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #13
Bull in the Ring

  • This drill works on moving your feet to get good blockout position.
  • Place a ball on the floor.
  • Player #1 stands about 3 feet away from the ball with her back to the ball, facing Player #2.
  • On a signal from Player #2, Player #2 tries to get the ball while Player #1 pivots and tries to block her out.
  • Go for about 5 seconds or until Player #2 gets the ball.
  • Players rotate.

Basketball Rebounding Drills #14
1-on-1 Shot Block

  • Player #1 starts under the basket with the ball, and Player #2 starts on the free throw line.
  • Player #1 rolls the ball to Player #2 who shoots.
  • Once Player #1 passes the ball, he hustles out to put a hand in the shooter's face, blocks out the shooter, and then chases the rebound.
  • Player #2 also goes after the rebound.

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Check out these rebounding training aids to make your workouts more productive.

If you want to learn how to jump higher, here are some basketball rebounding drills sure to help you get your feet off the ground!

Being a good rebounder requires leg strength. There are all kinds of strength training routines for players as young as kindergarten on up.

No matter how big or small you might be, players at all basketball positions need basketball rebounding drills.

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