NCAA College Basketball Scholarships

basketball scholarships

Find out everything you need to know about NCAA basketball scholarships.

Do you have dreams of playing college basketball?

I know I did.

Imagine getting paid to play the sport that you love!

College scholarships are an excellent way for players to help pay for their college education. However, though there are many financial resources available for students in general, athletic scholarships aren't easy to come by.

Odds of Getting College Scholarships

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which is the main governing body for intercollegiate athletics, only about 2% of high school athletes are awarded athletic college scholarships each year.

That's not very many.

I saw some stats I want to share with you...

The numbers were actually compiled a few years ago, but they are still relevant enough to provide a good snap shot of the relatively small numbers of student-athletes we're talking about.

Let's just take boy's high school basketball as an example...

college scholarships

At the time these stats were compiled, 550,000 high school students in the U.S. participated on a boy's high school team. Of that number, 157,000 were seniors possibly looking for a chance to play in college.

The total number of NCAA men's basketball players at all U.S. colleges during this same period of time was 16,000, and only 4,500 of those were freshmen.

Divide 4,500 among all of the college programs in the country, and you quickly realize how few high school players actually go on to play college ball.

If you look at the numbers for women's college basketball, you'll find the numbers are a little bit lower across the board.

Next, you need to realize that not all college basketball players receive basketball scholarships.

The NCAA reports that about $2 billion in athletic scholarships are awarded each year to over 145,000 student-athletes who receive either a partial or full athletic scholarship.

There are also many players who are walk-ons and receive no money at all.

With such small odds...

How can you get a piece of the financial pie?

Know the Rules
Get Exposure
Do You Have the "Intangibles"?
Have You Got Game? 

As a former women's college basketball recruiter at the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and junior college level, I've got some useful tips for you to know...

Get paid to play college basketball!

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