Five Star Basketball Camp

Five Star Basketball Camp

Attend Five Star Basketball Camp and join over 400 NBA players and 1,000 NCAA Division I players who have also chosen these popular youth basketball camps to take their game to the next level!

Past campers include greats like Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins, and Moses Malone, just to name a few.

5 Star is the undisputed leader in basketball teaching and training, having provided outstanding instruction to more future pro and college athletes than any other camp.

Literally tens of thousands of Five Star campers have gone on to play basketball in college and beyond.

These premiere youth basketball summer camps have been around since 1966 helping all levels of players from 11-18 years old learn, improve, and reach their highest potential.

Here's what Michael Jordan had to say about his experience with 5 Star Basketball Camp:

"The camp changed how I felt about basketball and my future. It was the turning point in my life."

And legendary coach, Mike Krzyzewski: "Five Star has done a great job helping kids."

5 Star Basketball Camp

The books shown on this page include over 130 drills actually taken from the 5 Star camps. I have them in my coaching library and refer to them often for new drills. I highly recommend them.

Unique Highlights of Five Star Youth Basketball Camps

  • More than 25 hours of focused on-the-court training with compeition
  • Intense fundamental skill station work
  • Fast Break competition
  • League games and playoffs
  • 3-on-3 tournament
  • No-Dribble or Situation tournament
  • Camper's overall basketball development is the goal. Some camps may include classroom or on-court lecture time and videos.
  • Campers are divided into separate leagues based on age and experience level and then adjusted to fit the needs of each player. Campers complete their stations and receive their individual instruction within their leagues with players of similar age and skill level.

Five Star offers a wide variety of programs, including summer camps for both girls and boys, overnight and day camps, coaching clinics, and other training camps.

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