Free Team Building Games

Use these free team building games to teach your players valuable lessons about teamwork.

Teamwork is about leadership.

It’s about working together.

It’s about everyone pulling their own weight – no more, no less.

Every member of the team contributes to team morale and team success.

The following games require players to work together.

I found these ideas in an excellent coaching resource, Catch Them Being Good, by Tony DiCicco and Colleen Hacker, Ph.D.

Though their book is targeted at coaching girl's soccer players, the team building principles are applicable to anyone who is part of a team or group.

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Tight Rope

Mine Field

Triangle Tag

Free Team Building Games #14
Tight Rope

The object of this teamwork game is to have two groups pull themselves up off the ground in one even motion by tugging equally on both sides of a rope at the exact same time.

Divide the group into 2 teams of 8-26 people. Each team designates a captain. The captains are the only players allowed to talk.

The teams line up facing each other and sit down so they are sitting face-to-face across from someone on the other team.

free team building games

Coach places a strong rope about ½"-1" in diameter in a straight line in between both teams.

Every player grabs the rope firmly with both hands, palms facing down. Hands are placed on the rope in an alternating fashion so that the partner across the rope has one hand in between her partner’s hands.

For example, I would place my left hand, then my partner’s right, then my right hand, and then my partner’s left. Continue this pattern all the way down the line.

Captains can give instructions to their groups and count "1, 2, 3..." On 3, all players pull at the same time with the same force so that everyone rises up to their feet in one smooth motion.

Repeat for a total of 3 ups and downs.

Free Team Building Games #15
Mine Field

The object of this game is to get each blindfolded member of your team from one side of the mine field faster than the opposing team.

Mark off a field about 30' x 30' to be the mine field. It can be bigger or smaller depending on the age and ability level of your players.

Scatter 20-40 random objects of various sizes throughout the playing area, like chairs, athletic bags, water bottles, balls, shoes, etc. These are the "land mines."

Divide the players into 2 teams.

Designate a sighted person to be the captain, or alternate captains so everyone gets a chance to lead. The captain is the only one who is allowed to talk.

The captain tries to guide each blindfolded player through the mine field to the other side without running into a land mine. Only one blindfolded person is allowed in the field at any time.

If the blindfolded player touches a land mine, a 10-second penalty is assessed to that team.

The team that gets all of their members across the mine field the fastest is the winner.

Free Team Building Games #16
Triangle Tag

The object of this teamwork game is to get players to protect and take responsibility for their teammates, cooperate with team members, and use strategy and deception to gain a competitive advantage.

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