Improve Your Basketball Game by Focusing on the Fundamentals 

There are no shortcuts.

If you want to improve your basketball game, it starts with the fundamentals. Dribbling. Shooting. Passing. Rebounding. Defending.

Great basketball players make the game look easy. We watch them from our couches and cheer them from the stands amazed at what they do on the court. 

Handling the ball with confidence and poise against pressure. Shooting with precision with hands in their face.

Soaring in the air to slam down the dunk or snatch the rebound with players hanging all over them.

Needling passes through the narrowest openings. Contesting every shot, knocking down passes, and hassling the dribbler.

Excellent fundamental skills on display. They make it look so easy. 

We choose a favorite player and find ourselves wanting to be just like them.

But what we don't see is the hard work. The behind-the-scenes grueling workouts. The laser focus on skill development.

True, some players are born with more athleticism or size than others. But no one is born with all the skills.

That takes time. And discipline. And determination. And hard work.

The day a player stops working on his skills is the day he stops becoming a better basketball player. So, if you want to improve your game, get good at the basics.

Fundamental Skills

To play the game well, you need to work hard on your skills in each of the following areas: 

Improve Your Basketball Game

Learn how to handle the ball and protect it from the defense.


10 basketball dribbling skills that will improve your offense

5 reasons to dribble

7 tips to the get the most out of your drills


Stationary ball handling drills

Dribbling drills for beginners

Lazy dribbling drills

7 more ball handling drills

Dribbling drills to change direction and speed

2-ball dribbling drills

Improve Your Basketball Game

Learn to shoot the ball with consistency and accuracy by using good form and recognizing good shots. 


The secret to great shooting

5 tips for teaching beginners

Picture perfect form

Basketball shots need help? 

Good shot selection

Shooting layups

Shooting set shots

Shooting jump shots

Shooting free throws

Clutch free throw shooting


Shooting drills

Top drills to improve your shot

Shooting games

Improve Your Basketball Game

Getting the ball to open teammates is key to running any offense. Good passers are a tremendous asset to their team.  


Fundamentals of a good pass

5 types of passes

12 tips for catching a pass


Passing drills

2-person passing drills

Improve Your Basketball Game

Lots of shots are missed during a game. Players who know how to get rebounds will get the ball a lot more often than those who don't.


Rebounding tips

Learn how to jump higher 


Rebounding drills

The best players are effective on both ends of the court. The focus so far has been on offense. It's super important to develop your defensive skills as well.

So, there you have it. Plenty of tools to improve your basketball game. 

Even if you don't have easy access to a basketball goal, you'll be surprised how many skills can be developed right in your own driveway or on your back porch.

With just a ball, some fun youth basketball drills, a little hard work, and a partner at times, you'll be amazed at the improvement you'll begin to see!

And during the summer, boost your skills by attending a youth basketball camp. There are outstanding camps all over the country at prices to fit just about any budget. I encourage you to find one near you.

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