Youth Basketball Training Aids
Training Basketballs

Improve your game with some excellent youth basketball training aids. These are just a few of the many really effective training aids that are available to help improve fundamental skills in every part of the game.

Let's take a look here at some good tools for learning how to shoot a basketball, for building confidence handling the ball, and for increasing hand and arm strength - training basketballs.

I've used several of the balls below during my years as a player and as a coach for athletes of all ages and skill levels.  


Sportime Max Hands-On Basketball

how to shoot a basketball - Hands On Basketball

I have used the Hands-On Basketball with my elementary school kids and special needs students. They love these balls because of their bright colors!

One of the most important parts of good basketball shooting form is getting proper hand position on the ball. The Hands-On Basketball has hand imprints on the ball for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. By lining their hands up with the illustrations on the ball, players can easily get their hands in proper shooting position.

Hoop Teach Basketball

youth basketball training - Hoop Teach Basketball

If you're looking for a basketball that will help teach other skills besides just shooting, you'll love the Hoop Teach Basketball! It's perfect for kindergarten players, beginners, and individuals with special needs.

This colorful ball makes teaching easy and helps players have success more quickly! Simple illustrations are printed right on the ball that show you how to execute different ball skills. An activity guide is included with each ball.

Check out some more "hands on" basketballs

Baden SkilCoach

Baden SkilCoach

basketball training aids - Place N Play


Baden Skills Basketball

Baden Skills

Oversized Training Basketballs

Oversized training basketballs help develop shooter's strength and confidence in handling the ball. These balls are the same weight as an official ball, but they have a larger circumference.

After shooting, dribbling, and rebounding an oversized ball, players feel much more comfortable with a regulation-size basketball.

I wouldn't recommend these balls for young players just beginning because their lack of skills and small hands could make these frustrating balls to work with. However, for older players, an oversized ball provides a fun challenge and rewarding challenge!

There are a variety of oversized training balls to choose from depending on the size of ball and quality you're looking for. Here are a few to choose from:

33" Oversized Composite Ball

35" Oversized Rubber Ball

Heavyweight Training Basketballs

Using heavyweight strength training balls for shooting drills helps players increase their shooting range and helps them develop upper body strength. When used with dribbling and passing drills, these balls build hand and arm strength along with building confidence in handling the ball.

Try using one these heavyweight balls in your youth basketball training workouts and see how much lighter and easier to handle a regulation-size ball is when you're done!

Rubber Heavyweight Training Ball

29.5" Leather Weighted Training Ball

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