Adidas Basketball Camp

The All-American Adidas Basketball Camp is one of the premiere "invitation-only" basketball summer camps in the U.S.

Currently known as the Jr. Phenom Camp and the 150 Phenom Camp, they attract the nation's top players and are among the top exposure youth basketball camps in the country for highly competitive boy's and girl's basketball players.

So, what does it take to get invited to one of these elite summer basketball camps? Well, you've got to have talent, and you have to be seen!

To help expose your skills to others, regional Adidas Phenom Boot Camps are held throughout the year in different parts of the country. These camps are like no other in the country, concentrating on discipline, fundamentals, and development.

They are open to all players, giving campers a chance to work on their fundamentals and be seen by regional representatives. If the reps like what they see, you could get an invitation to the All-American camp in San Diego!

Why should you attend an Adidas Phenom fundamental skills development camp?

Here are the top reasons:

  • Top notch coaching from some of the best in the business
  • Challenging skill development workouts
  • Intense speed, strength, and agility workouts with pro trainers
  • Exposure to coaches from around the country
  • Opportunity to be invited to the Adidas All-American Basketball Camp
  • Compete against the nation's best players and see how your talent stacks up
  • Lectures from amazing guest speakers
  • Recruiting services
  • Equal playing time for everyone

Adidas Basketball Camp

Phenom America Camps

Learn about the following topics:

Defensive Skills



On ball & off ball

Closing out

Inside the lane

Help & recover

Flat triangle

Help position

Shell drill



Offensive Skills

Ball handling


Passing & receiving

Shooting off pass & dribble

Post development

Perimeter play

1-on-1 isolation

Using screens

Cuts without the ball

Triple threat jab step

Popular offenses

2- & 3-man games

Zone offense

Fast break

Recognizing mismatches

Off the Court

Player evaluation

Team evaluation

Writing essays

Interview skills

Public speaking skills

Film breakdown

SAT prep


Individual positions


Adidas basketball camps & more!

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