Team Building Games for Kids

team building games for kids

These exciting team building games for kids are perfect for coaches and leaders looking for creative and fun ways to teach teamwork concepts to their group.

There’s not a better way to get to know your teammates than playing games that require players to work together in a competitive situation.

Here's a wide variety of team building ideas and fun team building activities that your kids will not only love, but they’ll learn some important lessons about teamwork while playing them.

The following games are perfect for youth basketball players, but with a little tweaking they can be modified to fit your team or organization.

If you'd like more team building games for kids, check out these fun team building ideas. They should give you some great ideas for games you can use with your groups. These activities also work really well as ice breakers.


One of the toughest parts of coaching each season is introducing a new group of kids to each other and getting some of them to come out of their shells.

Fun team building activities provide a light-hearted, non-threatening environment where kids can get to know each other while laughing and working togehter.

Check out our excellent teamwork quotes from some of the greatest coaches and leaders throughout history!

Could you use some youth baketball coaching tips I've learned from experience to help you make basketball practice fun and productive for your kids?

Check out our favorite basketball drills guaranteed to improve any player's fundamental skills.

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Games #1-3
Team Dribble Tag
Hot Shot Shooting
1-Minute Free-for-All

Games #4-6
Spot Shooting
Around the Court
Half-Court Partner Shooting

Games #7-9
Half-Court Relays
Passing & Shooting Relay
Dribble Relays

Games #10-13
Number Grab
Sneak Attack
1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3

Games #14-16
Tight Rope
Mine Field
Triangle Tag

Games #17-20
Monster Ball
Huddle Up
Giant Steps
Tight Rope Walk

Games #21-25
Spider Web
How Full is Your Bucket?
Giant Jenga
Blanket Catch
Build a Chute

Games #26-30
Human Centipede
Snowman Race
Rubber Ducky Relay
Lap Sit
Bucket Dump

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