Discount Basketball Equipment for All Your Training & Coaching Needs

discount basketball equipment

Basketball shopping? Find the discount basketball equipment you need to hit the court, including basketball hoops, balls, nets, training aids, coaching equipment, basketball shoes, and more!

You don't have to break the bank, either.

With a little bit of searching, you can find some great deals and items at a discount.

Stretch out your dollars even further with used equipment. I've found some great bargains on sports equipment at online "garage sales" in my area and my local Goodwill store.

Save $$$ with used basketball equipment!

Want to build your own backyard basketball court?

Follow the links below to find everything you need to have a home court your kids will love!

Discount Basketball Equipment
Basketball Goals

There are many different types of goals to choose from. Is portability important? Or do you want something a lot more stable and permanent?

Portable Goals

Learn more 

In-Ground Goals 

Learn more

Wall-Mount Goals

The goals below are just for fun. Get an indoor game going in your home or office with a mini version. Got a pool or trampoline? Make them even more fun!

Hoops just for the fun of it!

Discount Basketball Equipment
Basketball Nets

basketball net

There are basically 3 different kinds of nets:

  • Nylon
  • Chain
  • Cable

Learn more about the features of each. 

Buy basketball nets

Discount Basketball Equipment
Basketball Rims

There are 2 main types of rims: standard and breakaway.

Standard rims bolt directly to the backboard and are immovable, while breakaway rims give on impact and then snap back into place.

Buy basketball rims
standard basketball rim
breakaway basketball goal

Discount Basketball Equipment

Need help determining the size ball you need?

Do you know the difference between leather and composite or synthetic leather basketballs? Learn about this and other information about basketballs before you buy.

Browse some of the most popular brands below:

Spalding basketballs
Wilson basketballs
Baden basketballs
Mikasa basketballs

Buy cheap basketballs at Amazon.

Basketball Equipment
Coaching & Training Aids

Basketball clipboards

Learn more

basketball clipboard

Basketball training aids

Learn more

basketball shooting spots

Ball return systems

SKLZ Rapid Fire Ball Return

Backyard Court

Trying to decide on the perfect basketball court size for your backyard?

Check out some court diagrams to see the basketball court dimensions for youth, high school, and college level competition.

Create your own full or half-court layout by scaling down the dimensions to fit your space.

Related articles:

Make your own basketball court markings

How to choose basketball flooring

Sport court options

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