Advantage Basketball Camp

advantage basketball camp

See why Advantage Basketball Camp is considered one of the top ball-handling camps in the world and why it was named by Sports Illustrated Kids as one of the top youth basketball summer camps in the U.S.

At Advantage, your child will be part of a truly unique camp experience where the focus of instruction is on a skill considered to be the "building-block" of the game of basketball - dribbling.

While campers work to improve their ball handling through intense drill work, they also learn a work ethic and life lessons they will carry with them throughout life - lessons like the importance of self-confidence, the value of self-discipline, an increased respect for sportsmanship, and a deeper understanding of teamwork and responsibility.

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Students will build on their ball-handling skills by learning lighting-quick, one-handed moves off the dribble.

The Advantage Basketball Camp curriculum is developed with the idea that repetition is the key.

Muscle memory is an important part of skill mastery. By repeating actions over and over again, the muscles in the body are trained to replicate the actions automatically without conscious thought.

The more players are able to handle the ball without thinking about it, the better they're able to attend to other important parts of the game like seeing plays develop, finding open players, recognizing what the defense is doing, etc.

Benefits of Advantage Basketball Camp

Campers are given the opportunity to practice their skills through repetitive drills.

Beginners will have the chance to do literally thousands of repetitions.

And the more advanced players may get in as many as 20,000-30,000 reps before camp ends.

The drills are intended to help players improve their individual game, and they will benefit players as young as 5 years old on up to professional athletes.

Players will be instructed, motivated, and inspired by one of the top coaching staffs in the world. As I read down the list of coaches, I was impressed at the number of NBA, WNBA, and top college players it included. They're not lying when they say they have one of the best coaching staffs around.

Campers really do have the opportunity to learn from the pros!

Their coaching methods and their excellent reputation clearly sets these basketball summer camps at the top, and they have become a "must do" on coaches' lists around the world.

Come see for yourself why they are consistently rated as one of the top basketball dribbling camps in the world!

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