Basketball Clipboard
A "Must Have" Coaching Aid

basketball clipboard

A basketball clipboard is a "must have" coaching aid for basketball coaches and a great idea if you're looking for practical coach gifts. 

I can't think of many basketball coaches, whether they're coaching at the youth, high school, collegiate, or pro level who don't use some type of clipboard on the sideline.

During timeouts, the easiest and most effective way to communicate quickly with your players is to have something they can look at while you're talking to them.

Trust me, players have a lot of distractions when they come to the huddle; they're exhausted, thirsty, nervous, confused, excited, frustrated, etc...

basketball coaches

This is compounded by the fact that the gym may be really loud, and the game may be close.

Trying to get your athletes to not only hear your words, but also understand what you're trying to tell them can be a challenge.

A clipboard provides the easiest way to scribble down key coaching points, draw up basketball plays, make defensive adjustments, or show your players why their offense or defense is breaking down.

There are lots of styles to choose from.

Find a basketball clipboard at a great price!

Basketball Clipboards

2-Sided Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards with a full court on the front and a half court on the back are very useful and popular.

basketball equipment

SSG/BSN Sport Write Basketball Board

Champion Sports Basketball Coaches Board

Markwort Two Sided Basketball Court Clipboard

1-Sided Dry Erase Boards

I prefer the boards that come with a clip to hold the marker. 

They are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Make sure to select one that you can transport comfortably. Large clipboards can sometimes be a hassle because they don't fit easily into travel bags.

Korney Board Large 12 x 18-inch Spirit Playmaker, Clipboard & Pen.

Anaconda Sports®  The Rock® Basketball Court Diagram Clipboard with New College 3 Point Line (Size: 12in. x 18in.)

Tandem Sport Coaches Clipboard Basketball - 8.75" x 12.5"

Tandem Sport Coaches Clipboard Basketball - 8.75" x 12.5"

9 x 15.5-inch Full Court Playmaker Basketball Clipboard with dry erase marker

Magnetic/Dry Erase Boards

These boards have movable magnetic player pieces and are also dry erase boards. The one on the right even comes with a handy carrying case for stat sheets, markers, etc.

Markwort Mini Basketball Court Board Set

KBA Coaches Magnetic Playmaker Plus Clipboard

KBA Basketball Coaches Clipboard Playmaker & Case


These portfolios come with 2-4 different boards, including full-court and half-court quick erase surfaces and charts for keeping stats, player line-ups, etc.

Basketball Portfolio

The Coacher Basketball Portfolio

Personalized Cliboards

These boards make fun coach gifts. They're just standard clipboards for holding paper, but they can be personalized with your coach's name or team name.

NBA & NCAA Boards

Choose a basketball clipboard with the logo of your favorite NBA or college team.

NBA New York Knicks Clip Board

NCAA Kansas Jayhawks Clip Board

Downloadable Clipboard

basketball plays

How about a downloadable Android app which turns your Android device into a basketball clipboard?

You can switch between full-court and half-court mode and draw up basketball plays with your fingers.

Personally, I prefer a dry-erase magnetic clipboard with little numbered magnets representing players that I can move around.

As a player, I had a hard time visualizing diagrams of basketball players when coach scribbled arrows everywhere.

It was much easier for me when coach would actually move player pieces around the board, and I could see how players would cut off screens, move around the court, and where everyone would end up.

That worked best for me, but every player and coach thinks a little differently. You need to find something that works best for you.

Basketball clip boards are also really helpful for keeping up with basketball practice plans and game plans, and having a hard surface to write on makes it easy to fill out stat sheets during ball games.

I also prefer clipboards with marker holders attached to them. The last thing I need to worry about when the clock is ticking and I only have 30-60 seconds to tell my team something really important is to waste valuable time hunting around for that marker I misplaced.

I've selected a variety of clipboards below for you to choose from that I have personally used or that have received good reviews from other basketball coaches:

Find more great gift ideas for basketball coaches & fans!

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