Basketball Socks

basketball socks

Express yourself with cool basketball socks to match any team color. Complement your youth basketball uniforms with a variety of popular styles, logos, and cuts.

Athletic socks are not only important for protecting your feet from blisters, but they have become a fun way to express yourself on the court!

So what’s your style?

  • Hi, lo, or mid-cut?
  • Classic white, black, or bright colors?
  • Solids, graphic designs, or logos?


over-the-calf tube

For those who like the retro knee-high look that pull up over the calf. Available in lots of colors.

Crew Cut

crew cut

For those who like the classic white crew look. Durable, thick socks with extra cushioning to fight blisters.

Low Cut

low cut

When you want to show more leg and see just the top of sock. Socks go over the ankles.

No Show

no show

When you don't want the sock to show at all. So why does it matter if they look cool?

Great question!

Popular Logos

Find socks with your favorite brand logo, like Nike and Adidas.

Nike Elite

NBA Logoman & Teams

Support your favorite NBA team. Check out the cool socks in a variety of colors and designs with team logos and the NBA logo on them.

NCAA Teams

Support your favorite college team with NCAA team socks. 

college sports gear


These fun socks make unique gifts for kids. Whether it's polka dots or other crazy designs, players are sure to make a statement when they hit the court in a pair of these socks!

Novelty Basketball Socks


For the youngest NCAA and NBA hoops fans. 

Infant Hoop Socks

I was looking at a picture the other day of a basketball player from the 1920s sporting his thigh-high basketball stockings. It was really hard for me to imagine a modern-day player feeling comfortable in something like that!

When I played high school basketball back in the '80s, the classic 3-stripe tube sock pulled up just below the knee was the style. Today, you can see just about anything on the court. Watch any basketball game and you'll see what I mean. Every player has their preference in terms of comfort, cut, color, and design.

Official basketball rules are pretty strict regarding team uniforms to ensure that every player on a team looks alike. So, players have to find other ways to express their individuality, and they do it through such things as sweat bands, socks, and shoes.

So what kind of basketball socks do you prefer? 

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