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Want to improve your basketball shooting technique? This basketball training equipment is perfect to use with your basketball shooting drills to help make your workouts more enjoyable and productive.

If you spend a lot of time shooting around by yourself, a basketball return system is a MUST!

There are various types to choose from depending on how much you want to spend, durability, and the versatility you’re looking for.

Part of becoming a great shooter is developing a good sense of rhythm and timing with your shot. This is hard to do when you have to chase the ball down after every shot. The ball return systems allow you to repeatedly simulate receiving a pass and going straight up for your shot.

  1. Rapid Fire

    The Rapid Fire system is a large net that attaches to 3 sides of the backboard. It catches the ball and returns it to the shooter at the perfect height from all angles on the court.

  2. Shoot Around

    The Shoot Around is a ball return chute that attaches to the rim and rotates 180 degrees. Shooters can take repeated shots from one spot, then rotate the chute so they can move to a new spot.

  3. Ballback Pro

    The Ballback® Pro is a chute-like apparatus that attaches to the rim. It returns the ball to the shooter anywhere in a 90° arc.

  4. Foul Shot Return

    The Foul Shot Return is a long chute that attaches to the back underside of the rim. It returns basketballs to the foul line for the next practice shot time after time. It snaps on and off in seconds and is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized tubing.

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