More Fun Team Building Activities

fun team building activities

More fun team building activities to try with your group!

Your kids will love working together to compete in these competitive teamwork games.

Sometimes it's fun to get your kids together away from the court and give them a chance to interact in a different setting.

If you're looking for a change of pace, try some of these team building ideas with your youth basketball players.


Spider Web

How Full is Your Bucket?

Giant Jenga

Blanket Catch

Build a Chute

Choose another game from our list of fun team building activities!

Fun Team Building Activities #21
Spider Web

fun team building activities

Construct a giant spider web using string. Make the openings in the web various sizes, but they need to be large enough for people to pass through.

The object of the game is for every member of the team to pass through the web without touching it. If the web is touched by anyone, the entire team has to start over.

Each opening may only be used twice, so teams have to decide which teammates should go through which holes.

Teammates may be required to lift, hold, and support each other.

Fun Team Building Activities #22
How Full is Your Bucket?

fun team building activities

Teams sit down on the ground side by side with bare feet. The object of the game is to pass a bucket full of water using only your feet to every member of your team without spilling it.

The first person in line picks up the bucket with his feet and passes it to the next person in line who also uses his feet to pass it on down.

This can be done as a race to see which team can get the bucket to the last team member the fastest with the most water remaining in the bucket.

Fun Team Building Activities #23
Giant Jenga

fun team building activities

If you’re not familiar with Jenga

, it’s a popular table game that starts with a tower of blocks.

Players take turns removing one block at a time from any part of the tower (except the top row) without causing the tower to fall.

Using small pieces of 2 x 4 boards, you can make a giant Jenga game and have a team competition to see which team can remove the most blocks before their tower collapses.

Fun Team Building Activities #24
Blanket Catch

fun team building activities

Players work together to catch objects with a blanket, sheet, or parachute.

Toss beach balls, tennis balls, balloons, or koosh balls into the air, and players catch the objects by holding the corners of a blanket.

If you use a beach ball, players can actually use their blanket to propel the ball back up into the air.

Use the blanket like a big net and try to capture other players in your blanket.

Fun Team Building Activities #25
Build a Chute

In this game, every team member has a piece of the chute.

The pieces can be made out of PVC pipe, a cardboard tube, plastic, or any material you have that can be cupped to form a channel.

The object of the game is to roll a ball from a starting point at one end of the chute to an end point.

Once the ball is put into motion, players have to line up next to each other and join their parts of the chute together so the ball can continue to roll until it eventually lands in a bucket at the end.

When the ball leaves a player's chute, she continues building the chute by running to the last person in line, joining her piece to the last person's, and waiting for the ball. This continues until the ball reaches the bucket.

If the ball falls out of the chute, the players have to start over.

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Divide into teams and have a race to see which team can get the ball in the bucket first. When a player has the ball in his chute, he may not move his feet; he has to stand still.

For an added challenge, place obstacles around the playing area that the players must move around, up, and over.

You can also modify this game and use water.

Players line up and join their pieces of the chute together with the last person in line tilting hers into a bucket.

Someone pours water into the beginning of the chute, and players try to move the water down the chute into the bucket while losing as little water as possible.

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