Team Building Exercises for Kids

Coaches can always use new team building exercises and ideas. Our fun team building activities are guaranteed to be a hit with your group!


Human Centipede

Snowman Race

Rubber Ducky Relay

Lap Sit

Bucket Dump

See all of our fun teamwork activities!

Team Building Game #26
Human Centipede

This team building game makes a challenging relay race.

Players sit on the floor in a single file line, straddling the player in front of them.

All players lock their feet around the waist of the person in front of them so everyone’s feet are off the ground.

The only player touching the ground with his feet is the first player in line.

The object is to move from one point to another by walking on your hands. This requires everyone to move in unison.

Team Building Game #27
Snowman Race

This is a fun relay race where teams race to build a snowman.

Using plastic garbage bags, hats, scarves, mittens, or whatever other accessories you want your snowman to have, teams race to turn one of their teammates into a snowman.

Team Building Game #28
Rubber Ducky Relay

The object of this game is to bring back more rubber duckies than your opponent.

Using burlap sacks, players hop over to the ducks, grab one, and bring it back to your team.

Once one player returns, the next teammate can go.

This game is fun in water, but you can also do it on a grassy area and retrieve other kinds of objects.

Team Building Game #29
Lap Sit

Players stand in a tight circle facing the player in front of them.

On a signal, all players sit down simultaneously, so that each person sits on the lap of the person behind them.

Team Building Game #30
Bucket Dump

Here’s a really challenging game.

Teammates work together using ropes to dump the contents of a bucket into a larger container or target.

Members of each team are paired up and hold opposite ends of a rope. For a team of 6 people, 3 ropes would be needed.

The team spreads out around a circle marked on the floor that surrounds the target.

Players work together to maneuver their ropes so they can lift a bucket containing an object like a ball or a bean bag, move it over the target container, and dump the contents into the target.

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