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team building games free

Fun Team Building Games

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Try these at your next youth basketball practice. Your players will have a blast while learning to work together!

Instilling teamwork in a group of players isn’t always easy.

I’ve found that providing them opportunities to team up with others in a competitive situation really gives them a chance to learn how to support, encourage, and help each other.

My players love the basketball drills listed below. They provide fun, challenging competition and encourage a spirit of teamwork while helping improve their basketball shooting skills.

These are just of a few of the exciting free team building activities we have. Click the link to find more!


Spot Shooting

Around the Court

Half-Court Partner Shooting

Team Building Games Free #4
Spot Shooting

team building games free

Teams spread out evenly between baskets. You can have 2 teams at a basket if necessary and line up 1 team on each side of the basket.

Choose 1 spot for all teams to shoot from. Just above the block is a good place to start; or out on the wing; or from the elbow.

Each team has 1 ball and all players line up behind the first shooter in line on the designated spot. On a signal, the first player in each line shoots, chases her own rebound, passes back to the next shooter, and goes to the end of the line.

The first team to make 5 shots from that spot is the winner. You might need to make it 3 shots or 10 shots depending on your players’ skill level. Select a new shooting spot and start the competition again.

Team Building Games Free #5
Around the Court

team building games free

You need at least 2 baskets for this game.

Teams are spread out all over the court, and every player has a ball.

Players dribble around until coach gives the signal to begin shooting. Players start at whatever basket they are closest to and shoot at that basket until they make a shot.

Once a player makes a basket, he gets his own rebound and dribbles in a clockwise direction to the next basket. He shoots at that basket until he scores and then gets his rebound and dribbles to the next goal.

Shooting continues for 90 seconds. Each player keeps track of the number of baskets he makes. When time expires, players from each team get together and add up the total number of shots each member of the team made. The team with the most combined made baskets is the winner.

Team Building Games Free #6
Half-Court Partner Shooting

Divide players into 2 teams. Each team has 1 ball.

Teams line up at half court, and each team has a designated basket. Team members go in pairs.

Players must make at least 2 passes and then try to score. One player shoots, chases the rebound and passes it back out to her partner to shoot. Each pair can score a maximum of 2 baskets.

Once both players shoot, they pass the ball to the next pair at half-court. The first team to make 7 baskets wins.

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