Motivational Basketball Workout Songs

Fun, high energy workout songs are the best way to spice up your basketball practice! Add some upbeat motivational basketball songs to your workout and see if you don't feel your adrenaline soar!

Music has a unique way of bringing life and excitement to any environment.

Coaches, if you really want to give your players a treat and get them hyped up and ready to play hard, incorporate some of these popular songs into your next youth basketball practice.

There's not a better way to get your players fired up and ready for practice than to have some fun basketball songs playing when they enter the gym and while they get warmed up.

And don't forget to include some high-energy music throughout practice during basketball conditioning drills and water breaks. When used during timeouts or physically demanding drills, high-energy music is sure to give your kids just the lift they need.

Nothing adds electricity to a gym more than music the kids love!

Want to help kids with their pre-game jitters? Filling the air with motivational songs the kids can dance and move around to is the best way to get players to loosen up, smile, relax, and forget about their fear right before game time!

Choose from a wide selection of some of the most popular workout music available. You'll find songs appropriate for kids of all ages. Most songs are available on CD and MP3 download.

I've included a sample of some of the fun workout music available just to give you some ideas. Follow the links above each set of pictures to find a much larger selection.

When I work with my little kids at school and in summer basketball camps, I use a lot of music from Radio Disney Jams and Kidz Bop. These collections provide a lot of fun, upbeat music that is child appropriate.

Jock Jams

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

When it comes to classic basketball songs heard at basketball games around the globe, check out the Jock Jams and Sports Jams collections for songs you will know and love.

I've also included some links to a selection of more general motivational songs perfect for use for individual basketball weight training, conditioning, and workout sessions. Since everyone has their own taste in music, you will probably want to browse around and find music that speaks to you.

We're all motivated in different ways. You'll find everything from classical to hip-hop to rock to country and everything in between. 

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