Basketball Spots Make Drill Setup Easy

Basketball spots, or shot markers, are about the best and most versatile training aids in my coaching bag. In fact, I don't know if there's a practice goes by that I don't use them.

They come in handy for just about any drill - dribbling, shooting, defense, offense, rebounding.

Any time you need to quickly identify locations on the floor for players to shoot from, line up behind, go around, or rotate to, you just toss them in place. 

They're inexpensive, light, and easy to carry in your bag to the gym. And there's a huge variety to choose from - lots of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Below I've selected some of the better brands that get good customer reviews. Personally, I've used the BSN 9" spots and the Poly 9" spots and been very happy with them.

Basketball Spots
Choosing basketball shooting spots


Basketball shot markers range in size from about 5" to 12." I prefer the 8-9" size for basketball drills. They're easy to manage and easily visible.


Basketball spots can be purchased in a single color or in multi-color packs. The variety packs usually come with 4-6 different colors - typically orange, blue, yellow, red, green, and purple.

The bright, multi-colored basketball shooting spots are a big hit with young kids. They love the variety of colors, and it makes it easy to assign each student a different color when trying to position them around the playing area. When I work with older players, I usually stick with the single color spots.


You can typically purchase court markers in groups of 5 and 10, or 6 and 12. I've seen a pack of 24 and some numbered sets that go up to 30.

I recommend keeping at least 10-12 handy. Of course, it depends on the number of baskets you have to work with, the types of drills and instruction you're doing, and the number of players you've got. 


This is a biggie. I've gotten several brands throughout my coaching career and have been pretty disappointed with some of them. I prefer the soft flexible basketball training spots that have a rubber feel and stick to the gym floor without slipping.

Avoid the shiny ones. I've found them to be more slippery when a player makes a cut on one. 

Champion - 6pk (10-12")

Eco Walker - 10pk (6")

BSN - 12pk (9")

Ace Creations - 24pk (9")

Orono Sports - 10pk (8")

GSI - 12pk (8")

Basketball spots
Numbered shot markers

Numbered spot markers work great for basketball shooting drills that require players to shoot from different spots in a particular order. They're also helpful for identifying different baskets, player lines, team numbers, stations, or positions on the floor.

Spalding - 5pk (8")

Hot Shots - 5pk (7.5")

Poly - 30pk (5")

Poly - 10pk (9")

Get Out! - 5pk (9")

Eco Walker - 5pk (8")

Basketball Spots
Fun shapes

Basketball training markers also come in all kinds of different shapes. Use your imagination to come up with creative ways to use them during workouts to make your youth basketball drills more fun for kids.

SKLZ - 5pk (10" x 10")

S&S - 6pk (14" x 14")

Kaplan - 18pk (14" sq, 9" cir, star)

American Educational - 6pk (9")

US Games - 6pk (15" x 3")

American Educ - 6pk (15.5" x 3.5")

American Educ - 6pk (8" x 8")

American Educational - 6pk (9")

Get Out! 12-pk (4 corner, 8 straight)

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