Basketball Workouts
Free Training Videos to Elevate Your Game!

basketball workouts

Become a TOTAL player with individual basketball workouts.

FREE basketball training videos to help you score more points, increase your vertical jump, dribble better & much more!

Take your individual workouts to the next level with the help of these outstanding FREE youth basketball training resources.

The secret to becoming a great basketball player is nothing new and it's nothing revolutionary. Becoming an expert at anything requires a lot of HARD WORK.

It's easy to watch an NBA game or even a good NCAA college basketball game and take for granted the ease at which the players dribble, pass, and score. They make it all look so easy.

Well, trust me, it's not.

They have spent countless hours honing their skills in both individual and team basketball workouts.

Free Basketball Drills - Videos

Basketball Training Library

Granted, there are some exceptional players in this world that were born with athleticism that most of us will never know. But even they had to work hard to reach the levels of success they have attained.

So, whether you're coaching a youth basketball player, just starting to play yourself, or you've been playing for awhile, here are some free basketball training drills and resources that will help you work on every part of your game.

FREE Basketball Drills Videos

A great place to start is with the YouTube library. They post lots of great videos everyday that will teach you a new drill, technique, or skill. Many of them are created by coaches who really know their stuff, so you basically have a fundamental skills camp and coaching clinic at your fingertips.

I've listed a few links below to get you started. Find some drills you like and then add a few new ones each week to keep your basketball workouts fun and new.


Here's a really good video that teaches some effective dribbling moves to help you blow by your defender.


Don't think you can work on your passing by yourself? This video will show you some really cool drills you can do on your own.


This is a great video with some form shooting drills to help you develop the muscle memory you need to become a consistent shooter.


I like this drill because it works on aggressive rebounding and then learning how to finish it off with a shot.


This is a great video for learning how and where to post up and how to execute a couple basic and very effective low post moves.


Perimeter players need to be able to create their own shot opportunties. Learn how to execute a shot fake out on the wing that will allow you to get by your defender for an open shot.

Basketball Training Library
1,000s of Books, DVDs & Videos

Browse this unbelievable collection of coaching and training resources from the world's #1 producer of instructional DVDs, videos and books.

Learn from the very best coaches in the game!

Who's your favorite coach?

Whether you're a player or you coach men's, women's, or youth basktball, you'll find resources from the top coaches and players in the NBA and NCAA.

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