Free Team Building Activities
for Youth Basketball Players

Challenge and motivate your kids with more of our free team building activities!

free team building activities

Coaches, if you’re looking for a fun way to build a sense of teamwork among your players, give some of these team building games for a kids a try.

Your players will love these youth basketball drills, and they’ll enjoy working together in these passing, shooting, and dribbling contests.

Below you'll find just a few ideas, so don't forget to check out some of our other favorite team building games for kids.


Half-Court Relays

Passing & Shooting Relay

Dribble Relays

Free Team Building Activities #7
Half-Court Relays

Divide players into 2 teams. Each team has 1 ball. Teams line up in a single file line at half-court facing opposite baskets.

free team building activities

For the first competition, have everyone shoot a lay-up. The first player in line dribbles down, shoots a lay-up, gets his own rebound, and passes it back to the next teammate in line who is waiting at the half-court line.

The first team to make 10 shots is the winner.

Turn your lines around, so each team shoots at the opposite basket using the opposite hand. On the left side of the court, the lay-up should be taken with the left hand; on the right side of the court, players should shoot a right-handed lay-up.

For the next competition, have each player dribble to a spot and shoot or make some kind of basketball move and shoot.

Free Team Building Activities #8
Passing & Shooting Relay

Divide players into 2 teams and line them up along opposite sidelines on the same half of the court. Teams will shoot at the same goal. Place 1 basketball for each team in the center circle. Give each player a number.

Coach calls out a number, and the two players (1 from each team) with that number run out to the basketballs, pick one up, dribble back to their team, and beginning with the player farthest away from the goal, pass back and forth to every team member.

Once they have passed to every player, they dribble to the basket and shoot until they make it. The first player to score wins a point. The balls are put back in the center circle, and coach calls out another number.

You can also play this game with 4 teams, using 2 baskets and a full court.

Free Team Building Activities #9
Dribble Relays

free team building activities

Divide players into teams of 4.

Decide whether you want players to dribble the full length of the court or from sideline to sideline. Each team lines up along the end line, and the first player in each line has a ball.

On a signal, the first player in each line performs the type of dribble coach specifies.

Players should dribble down with one hand, come back using the opposite hand, and hand the ball off to the next person in line.

The first team to finish is the winner.

Have players do different types of dribbles:

When they get to the end line, have them perform one of the stationary ball handling drills before dribbling back to their line:

For an even greater challenge, try two-ball dribbling relays like a 2-ball speed dribble down and back.

Not only will your kids have a lot of fun competing together, but performing these youth basketball drills under pressure will really help them improve their fundamental skills.

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