Fun Basketball Games

Whether you're practicing alone or with a partner, these fun basketball games will provide an exciting challenge while improving your shooting skills.

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Win it at the Line
Nothing But Net
25 in a Row

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Fun Basketball Games #9


fun basketball games

You can play this game alone. Imagine you are at the free throw line for the national championship.

The fans are going crazy because you just got fouled at the buzzer!

Your team is down by 1 point, and you get to shoot a 1-and-1 for the title. You have to make both shots to win the game.

If you miss the first shot, run the length of the court a couple times, so that you get winded. Then step up to the line for the second shot with a chance to at least tie the game.

If you make the first shot but miss the second, run down and back.

See how many championships you can win!

Fun Basketball Games #10


This is a fun game to play by yourself or with a partner. Take turns shooting 3-pointers around the court.

Every shot made is worth 3 points. See who can reach 33 first.

Fun Basketball Games #11


fun basketball games

Play by yourself or with a partner. Move around the court, shooting from a different spot each time.

For every shot that goes in without hitting anything but the net, the shooter gets 2 points.

If the shot goes in but hits the rim or backboard, the shot is only worth 1 point.

If the shot is missed, the shooter loses 2 points. The first player to reach 10 points is the winner.

Fun Basketball Games #12


This is better with a partner, but you can play by yourself. Each player shoots an outside shot and then follows it up with a lay-up.

If the perimeter shot goes in, the shooter gets 2 points. If the lay-up goes in, it is worth 1 point.

On each turn, the shooter has a chance to get a maximum of 3 points. The first player to reach 21 is the winner.

To make it a little more challenging, the game has to end on a perimeter shot. That means that once a player reaches 19 or 20 points, he has to make an outside shot to win the game.

Basketball Shooting Game #13


Play this one by yourself. The goal is to make 25 shots in a row from 5 spots close to the basket.

Start from a spot 3 feet in front of the basket; then 1 foot inside the block on each side of the basket; and then 1 foot outside the block on each side of the basket.

Make 5 shots from one spot and then rotate to the next. You have to make 25 in a row, so anytime you miss a shot, you have to go back to the beginning.

Adjust the number of shots for the age and skill level of the player. You want it to be challenging, but still fun.

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