Youth Basketball Shooting Drills
Learn How to Shoot a Basketball Like the Pros!

how to shoot a basketball

Score more points with these youth basketball shooting drills and competitive shooting games.

Learn how to shoot a basketball like the pros!

Good basketball shooting form doesn't develop overnight.

It only comes through repetition.

Great players practice basketball drills over and over and over again...

A lot of youth basketball players want to be great shooters, but most of them don't want to spend the time and effort it takes to get there.

Every great player was a beginner at one point and had to learn the basic shots of the game:

Try some of these drills to help you develop proper shooting technique.


Shooting Form Drills
Warm-Up Shooting Drills
1-Minute Shooting Drills

But there's more...

Challenge your skills with some competitive basketball shooting games!


32-Point Game
Consecutive Shooting
2-2-2 Game
Shooting for Percentage

Make Some Noise!
Beat a Pro
Perimeter Shots & Tip-Ins
7 + 3 in a Row

Win it at the Line
Nothing But Net
25 in a Row

If you've got a group of players, check out these links which include some fun team shooting games:

Youth Basketball Drills
Team Building Games for Kids

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