NFHS High School Basketball Rules

high school basketball rules

Get the latest official high school basketball rules, updates, and interpretations. Each year, the National Federation of State High School Associations publishes an updated rule book for boys and girls varsity basketball to ensure consistent standards for competition across the U.S.  

As the recognized national authority on interscholastic athletic programs for all 50 states and the district of Columbia, the NFHS also provides a variety of publications and resources including high school basketball regulations organized by topic, casebooks with rules interpretations, and handbooks with simplified illustrated rules.

In addition to the NFHS, each state has its own interscholastic athletic association that governs basketball competition within the state. These organizations write their own handbooks with rules for competition specific to their school districts statewide. Follow the links below to find the high school basketball rules for your particular state.

Official high school basketball rules by state

Alabama H.S. Athletic Assoc

Alaska H.S. Activities Assoc

Arizona Interscholastic Assoc


Arkansas Activities Assoc


California Interscholastic Fed


Colorado H.S. Activities Assoc

CHSAA  Boys  Girls

Connecticut Inter Athletic Conf

CIAC  Boys  Girls

Delaware Inter Athletic Assoc

Florida H.S. Athletic Assoc

FHSAA  Boys  Girls

Georgia H.S. Assoc

Hawaii H.S. Athletic Assoc

Idaho H.S. Activities Assoc

Illinois H.S. Assoc

IHSA  Boys  Girls

Indiana H.S. Athletic Assoc

IHSAA  Boys  Girls

Iowa H.S. Athletic Assoc

Kansas State H.S.Activities Assoc

Kentucky H.S. Athletic Assoc

KHSAA  Boys  Girls

Louisiana H.S. Athletic Assoc

LHSAA  Boys  Girls

Maine Principals Assoc


MD Pub Sec Schools Athletic Assoc

Mass Inter Athletic Assoc

Michigan H.S. Athletic Assoc

MHSAA  Boys  Girls

Minnesota State H.S. League

Mississippi H.S. Activities Assoc

Missouri St H.S. Activities Assoc

Montana H.S. Assoc

Nebraska School Activities Assoc 

Nevada Inter Activities Assoc 

NH Inter Athletic Assoc

NHIAA  Boys  Girls

NJ St Inter Athletic Assoc

New Mexico Activities Assoc

NY St Public H.S. Athletic Assoc

NYSPHSAA  Boys  Girls

North Carolina H.S. Athletic Assoc

North Dakota H.S. Activities Assoc

NDHSAA  Boys  Girls

Ohio H.S. Athletic Assoc

OHSAA  Boys  Girls

OK Sec School Activities Assoc

Oregon School Activities Assoc

OSAA  Boys  Girls

PA Inter Athletic Assoc

Rhode Island Inter League

RIIL  Boys  Girls

South Carolina H.S. League

SD H.S. Activities Assoc

SDHSAA  Boys  Girls

TN Sec School Athletic Assoc

Texas Univ Inter League


Utah H.S. Activities Assoc

Vermont Principals Assoc


Virginia H.S League

WA Inter Activities Assoc

WV Sec School Activities Com

WI Inter Athletic Assoc

WIAA  Boys  Girls

Wyoming H.S. Activities Assoc

Each level of competition adopts slightly different rules. Find official rules for college, professional, and international leagues.

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