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See why Spalding basketballs are favorites among players and coaches when it comes to top-quality basketball equipment and accessories.

Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and coverings for all types of playing surfaces both indoors and out.

One thing is for sure about Spalding sports equipment - it's durable. When it comes to their basketballs, every ball has a life expectancy of 40,000-50,000 bounces. That's a lot of bounces!

Certain models are even approved by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) and the NBA.

Before you begin your basketball training, you need to choose the right ball size based on your age and gender.

Spalding NBA Team Pride

For Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Next, you need to decide what type of ball you want based mainly upon where you're likely to play and how serious of a player you are.

There are 3 basic choices:


spalding basketballs

The cover is made from 100% genuine leather that provides a soft, broken-in feel over time. These are the most expensive type of balls, and they are the ones used in regulation play at all levels.

Leather basketballs should only be used indoors because rough outdoor surfaces and extreme weather tear them up.



spalding sports equipment

The cover is constructed from man-made materials which simulate the characteristics and durability of leather at a much cheaper cost.

They are already soft and broken in right out of the box.

They can be used indoors and out.

The ball in this picture is the Never Flat ball, guaranteed to hold air 10x longer than traditional basketballs.


basketball equipment

The cover is a durable rubber material that is perfect for outdoor surfaces and weather conditions.

They are the cheapest type of ball you can buy because they are the lowest quality. They can become lopsided, they tend to be quite bouncy, and they have a rough texture to them.

They are a popular choice for camp basketballs and for little kids because they are tough and cheap (especially when bought in bulk.)

Wide or Narrow Channels?

Another choice you'll have to make is whether you want a ball with wide or narrow channels.

Basketballs are built in panels that are separated by channels. Some balls have wide channels which offer better ball control by providing more area for the fingers to grip. Choosing between wide and narrow channels is purely a player preference.

Below are just a few of the many Spalding basketballs you can choose from. I have divided them by size and displayed some of the more unique models.

Among the more traditional balls for both indoors and out, you'll find some in really cool colors, with your favorite NBA team logos, and "Never Flat" balls guaranteed to stay fully inflated for one year.

To see a much larger selection, just follow the links below the pictures to compare prices at several leading retailers.

Spalding 27.5" Youth (Size 5)

Spalding 28.5" Intermediate (Size 6)

Spalding 29.5" Offical (Size 7)

Spalding 29.5" basketballs at Amazon

Spalding Mini-Basketballs

There's even a Spalding mini basketball for the youngest players! This ball is perfect for pre-schoolers.

Inflating your basketball properly is important for the best performance. Both under-inflating and over-inflating can negatively affect the way the ball bounces. Spalding basketballs require 7-9 pounds of air for optimal performance.

If you ever need to deflate your basketball for storage or packing, it's recommended you leave about 3-4 pounds of air since complete deflation could affect the outside panels.

If your ball needs to be cleaned, Spalding recommends cleaning it with soap and water but discourages soaking the basketball.

Find other basketball equipment and accessories including basketball goals, training aids, coaching equipment, and much more!

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