Team Building Activities for Children

Your kids will love our team building activities for children! These fun youth basketball drills and team building games will improve basketball skills while focusing on teamwork concepts.


Number Grab
Sneak Attack
1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3

Team Building Activities for Children #10
Number Grab

Divide players into 2 teams and give each player a number. There should be no more than 6 on a team.

Players sit/stand on opposite sides of the court in numeric order. Make sure the #1s are lined up so they are an equal distance from the center court.

Place 1 ball for each team inside a hula hoop in the circle at center court.

When the coach calls a number, the player from each team whose number was called runs to get a ball, dribbles it to the basket on her right, and shoots until she scores.

When a basket is made, she dribbles back to center court and places the ball on the spot where she picked it up.

The first player to return the ball after making a basket scores a point for her team. The coach should use some system to keep track of the numbers that are called so players get the same number of turns. Numbers can be called in any order.

If one player scores quickly, give the other player a chance to take a few shots before blowing the whistle. Make sure players dribble back to half court. Don't let them run with the ball.


  • You can have up to 4 teams with 2 teams shooting at each goal.
  • For a greater challenge, have players make a shot at both baskets before returning the ball. They shoot first at their respective goal and once they make it, they dribble to the other end and shoot until they score.
  • Only use 1 ball and go 1-on-1. When coach calls a number, both players race to the ball. The first one to get it is on offense and tries to score against the other player. They can go live 1-on-1 until someone scores or for a specified period of time.

Team Building Activities for Children #11
Sneak Attack

Players are divided into 2 teams and stand at each end of the basketball court.

Depending on the size, physical conditioning, and skill level of your players you can decide whether to line them up on the sidelines or the end lines.

team building activities for children

One team lines up on their end line facing the wall, with their backs to the court. These are the "chasers."

The other team is on the other line, facing the court. They are the "sneakers," and each one of them has a ball.

On a signal from the coach, the sneakers start moving quietly toward the chasers. They each carry their ball while sneaking up on the chasers.

Once the sneakers gets pretty close to the chasers, coach blows the whistle, and the chasers (who don’t have balls) chase the sneakers back to their end line.

The sneakers must turn and dribble back to the other end without traveling, getting tagged, or losing their ball.

If they get tagged, they join the other team. The chasing team becomes the sneaking team for the next round.

Team Building Activities for Children #12

Divide players into teams of 3 and give them the chance to play 7-minute half-court games.

The offense puts the ball in play above the 3-point line.

Anytime the ball changes possession, the ball has to be passed or dribbled back above the 3-point line before the offensive team can score.

When a team scores, the other team puts the ball into play above the 3-point line.

3-on-3 gives players a chance to work on the offensive and defensive skills they have been learning without making the tiring trips up and down the court. Everyone should get plenty of action and opportunity to handle the ball.

Team Building Activities for Children #13
1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3

Divide players into 2 teams. Each team needs to wear a different color jersey.

Teams line up on the same sideline on opposite sides of the half-court line, facing center court.

Coach stands in the center circle with the ball. Each team has a designated basket (it should be the basket opposite the end of the court where they are lined up.) The first player on each team gets ready. They stand on the sideline at the half-court line.

Coach tosses the ball out on the floor and both players race to get it. They play live full-court 1-on-1 until someone scores or coach blows the whistle for the next 2 players to go 1-on-1.

After all players have had a chance to go 1-on-1, they line up to go 2-on-2. Two players from each side get ready, and coach tosses out the ball. The first team to get it takes it down to their basket against their opposing 2 players, and it's full court 2-on-2.

After several rounds of 2-on-2, progress to 3-on-3. Play about 4-5 minutes. The team with the most points at the end of time is the winner.

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Your players will have a blast with these fun team building activities for children and team building ideas as they learn how to work together to compete!

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