Play Basketball Games
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A fun and effective way to improve your shooting is to play basketball games under pressure. We've got basketball drills and shooting games guaranteed to test your skills.

All you need is some basic basketball equipment.

With just a basketball hoop and a ball you'll be on your way!


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Make Some Noise!
Beat a Pro
Perimeter Shots & Tip-Ins
7 + 3 in a Row

Play Basketball Games #5


play basketball games

Pick any of the basketball shooting games and add vocal and/or visual distractions to develop your concentration skills.

  • Play loud music or have a friend make noise and yell while you're shooting.

  • Put obstacles around the court that you have to avoid while playing the game.

  • Have a friend wave her arms or other objects around to distract you.

  • Have a friend charge at you like he is going to try to block your shot.

  • You could even have a friend push on you a little bit to work on shooting while you get fouled.

Play Basketball Games #6


This is your chance to beat an imaginary pro!

Pick the name of any player you would like to beat.

Start the game with a free throw. If you make it, you get 1 point. If you miss it, the pro gets 3 points.

The first one to make 11 points is the winner.

Now, try to beat the pro from different spots around the court.

This time, every shot you make is worth 1 point, and every shot you miss gives the pro 2 points. The first one to 11 wins.

Play Basketball Games #7


This game takes two players. One player stays outside and shoots perimeter shots while the other one stays around the basket to get the rebounds and tip-ins (or put backs).

The outside shooter picks a spot anywhere on the court and shoots 7 shots. Each shot that is made is worth 1 point.

If the perimeter shooter misses the shot, the rebounder attempts to tip-in the miss. (For younger players, the rebounder can rebound the ball, come down with it, and have one chance to put the ball in.)

If the rebounder makes the shot, it is worth 2 points. After 7 shots, the players switch positions. The first player to 21 is the winner.

Play Basketball Games #8

7 + 3 IN A ROW

You can play this game by yourself or with a partner. The object is to shoot from a designated spot on the floor until you make 7 shots and then make 3 in-a-row from the same spot. Every shot is worth 1 point.

If you play alone, you will have to chase down your rebound, hustle after it, and dribble back to your spot.

With a partner, you can work together to see how long it takes you to make 7 shots combined followed by 3 shots in a row. The first player shoots, follows the shot, gets the rebound, and passes out to the partner.

Adjust the number of shots as necessary to match your skill level. The game should be challenging but not frustrating.

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