Basketball Shooting Aids
Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Want to become a scoring machine? The secret to great basketball shooting is learning how to shoot a basketball with accuracy on a consistent basis. Here are some great basketball training aids that you might find helpful in improving your ability to sink more shots!

The products below illustrate a good sampling of products available. They each focus on a different aspect of proper shooting technique. I have to admit I have not tried many of them, so I can't speak to their effectiveness from personal experience, but I encourage you to check them out and see if you find something that could help you.

Basketball Shot Defender

SKLZ D-Man Basketball Trainer for Offensive and Defensive Drills

Your own personal practice partner. Promotes good shot arc, full body extension, and wrist follow through. Provides a visual obstacle and distraction to help players improve their concentration and keep their eyes on the rim.

basketball shooting aid

Basketball Shooting Rings

Good shooters know how important it is to get the right amount of arc on the ball so it has the best chance of dropping through the hoop.

Check out these shooting aids which will help you improve your shooting accuracy by forcing you to release the ball at a nice high angle.

BSN "The Inchshooter" Ring

Attaches to all standard basketball rim openings to create a smaller diamter (17 inches) for shooting practice. 

Perfect Jumper Full System

Helps shooters improve their accuracy from anywhere on the court.

It comes with 4 different accessories that attach to the rim, including attachments for shooting from the baseline and free throw line.

Basketball Shooting Aids - Perfect Jumper

Training Basketball

Helps players position their hands on the ball properly for both right and left-handed shooters. 

Baden SkilCoach Official Shooter's Rubber Basketball, 27.5-Inch

Basketball Shooting Wrist Strap

Keeps your off-hand thumb and wrist from interfering with your shot, ensuring better shot rotation.

Shooting Hand Aids

J-Glove Shooting Aid

This shooting aid focuses on one of the most important keys to an accurate shot: a good wrist follow through. The glove design keeps fingers comfortably spread and keeps the wrist square

J Glove
J Glove

SKLZ ShotLoc Basketball Shooting Trainer

Forces shooters to keep the ball off their hand and keep their fingers spread for better ball stability. Encourages better release and follow through.

Check out more basketball training aids to help you improve other parts of your game!

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