Resistance Band Workouts
Choosing the Right Exercise Rubber Bands

Resistance band workouts provide a fun, safe, convenient, and inexpensive alternative for basketball strength training. Getting the maximum results starts by choosing the right type of rubber bands.

Not sure what to use? We'll help you find the right exercise bands for your strength training and fitness workouts.

Check out this short video for a quick intro...

Building strength with resistance bands has some distinct advantages compared to using traditional basketball weight training methods involving free weights or machines.

Exercise bands are relatively cheap, light, portable, safe, and easy to store.

You'll see that some are nothing more than long, flat latex strips that you just grab at the ends. Others are tubes with handles, while others are made into loops or figure 8s.

Exercise bands come in different resistance levels. Just like weight plates or barbells come in different amounts, bands are color coded to identify resistance levels, which range from very light to very heavy.

Build strength with these resistance band workouts

Another great benefit of resistance bands is their versatiilty. The possibilities for how they can be used in strength trainingand conditioning is limitless.

You can change the angle of the stretch, the anchor points, the length of the stretch, the speed at which you perform the exercise, the level of resistance, and so on...

Exercise bands provide more resistance the farther they are stretched. So, if you want to make your strength training more difficult, all you have to do is spread your legs apart while standing on the band.

Types of Resistance Bands

Flat Exercise Bands

  • Typically about 5' long x 6" wide
  • Some brands come in a roll so you can cut off the length you need
  • Made of tough, durable latex rubber
  • Come in a variety of color coded resistance levels
  • Use with optional handles and door anchor
rubber bands
resistance band workout

With flat resistance exercise bands, all you need to do is grab the ends or wrap the ends around your wrists.

You can also buy handles to attach to the ends to make them more comfortable and easier to use.

flat band handle
door anchor

You can perform many strength training exercises with the bands themselves or by attaching them to posts, chairs, or other items.

One of the best places to hook them is on your door with a door anchor as demonstrated in the picture.

Exercise Mini-Bands

fitness bands

  • 2" wide loop resistance exercise bands that stretch up to 3 times their length
  • Great for both upper and lower body strength training
  • Comes in 2 different lengths:
  • 9" long band ideal for leg, back, and shoulder exercises
  • 20" long band for people taller than 6'2" and for monster walks
strength training workout
strength band


  • Extra-strong, long rubber bands designed for heavy duty training
  • Perfect for both upper and lower body resistance band workouts
  • Ideal for partner workouts
  • Can be used for assisted chin ups and dips
  • 40" long x 3/16" thick
  • 4 different widths and resistance levels:

.5" wide = 25 LBS

1" wide = 50 LBS

1.75" wide = 75 LBS

2.5" wide = 100 LBS

super stretch band
resistance exercise equipmen
fitness workou

Resistance Tubing

resistance tube exercise
SPRI xertube resistance band

work out equipment
  • Work out equipment for fitness workouts anywhere you are
  • Bands are coded by color to indicate resistance level
  • Provides smooth, consistent resistance
  • Great for both upper and lower body resistance band workouts
  • 4'6" tubing with handles
  • Some brands offer rolls of tubing by the box so you can cut the exact lengths you need
  • Also comes as a triple cable with 3 pieces of tubing for greater resistance

Travel Bands

stretch band exercise
  • Band is only 2' long, so it's very portable and versatile
  • Take it with you whenever you travel
  • Works for individuals or with a partner
  • Perfect for resistance band workouts when space is limited

travel bands

Figure 8 Tubing

  • Figure 8 design has shorter tube and a center locking system which provides 2X the resistance of regular tubing
  • Available in a range of tension levels identified by different colors
  • 15" long

spri band

Slastix Toners

  • Slastix resistance exercise bands have a unique covering that protects both the users and the work out equipment
  • Soft covering surrounds the rubber bands to keep you from pinching your skin, pulling your hair, and skin irritation caused by latex
  • Tubing is protected from wear and tear so it lasts longer and maintans its performance over time
  • 4' long bands capable of stretching up to 3 times their length
  • Available in resistances from very light to very heavy.
slatix strength trainin
resistance tub


bodylastic resistance band

If you're interested in a complete system of resistance training work out equipment, check out Bodylastics.

With its unique clipping system, you can quickly snap a variety of bands together to generate over 120 levels of tension.

The handles and ankle straps open up a wide variety of possibilities for very effective resistance band workouts.

And Bodylastics is just one of the systems available, so you might want to compare what they have to offer with other brands.

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